MEGR 3090: Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Engineering

This course is designed for juniors (in their 2nd semester of the junior year) and seniors. Students will have opportunities to learn current status in NanoScale Science and Engineering (NSSE), and access the impact of this burgeoning field. Topics in this course will cover but not limited to (1) nanomanufacturing (both top-down and bottom-up approaches), (2) nanomaterials and nanostructures (e.g., carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, nanocomposites), (3) nanomechanics, and (4) environment issues and business aspects in NSSE.  In addition to lectures, students will have unique opportunities to perform bench-top experiments in NSSE, and use several state-of-art instruments (e.g., AFM, SEM and nanoindentor). The course will have two group assignments. The final grade will be determined based on class attendance, “lab reports”, and group assignments.


This course is offered in spring semester.