Mechanical Properties of 1D Nanostructures

Our primary focus is to use AFM-based techniques, nanoindentation and in-situ SEM-based tensile testing to study the mechanical properties of 1D nanostructures. The experimental results together with the numerical simulation results are analyzed to obtain reliable mechanical properties of 1D nanostructures.

Funding Resources: National Science Foundation

Student Participants: SiangYee Chang (Ph.D., 2017), Youfei Jiang (Ph.D., 2015), Xiaoxia Wu (PhD 2012)

Previous Results:


Nanoindenation on SrB6 1D Nanostructures; Journal of Materials Research, DOI: 10.1557/jmr.2012.82, (2012)


Nanoindentation of individual TiO2 nanoribbons; Journal of Materials Research 25(5), p935, (2010).