Album Quilt A quilt made of many different blocks

Quilting Dictionary

Album Quilt A quilt made of many different blocks,

often given as a memory or friendship quilt. Family or friends sign blocks with either ink or embroidery. Also known as a Signature Quilt.

 Amish Quilt Quilts made by or in style of the Amish quilters of Pennsylvania or the Midwest. The fabrics are unprinted, often in deep and rich jewel tones with much black and deep navy.

 Backing The back fabric of  a quilt in the 3 layers: top,

batting, backing.

Batting The middle layer of a quilt sandwich between

the top and backing.

 Border A strip of cloth or pieced strip of cloth

joined to the inner quilt and used to frame it.

 Log Cabin  A quilt pattern in which narrow cloth strips are used.

 Patchwork The basic method of making a quilt by sewing many small  pieces of fabric together. Also known as ?piecework?.

 Quilt A sewn pattern with 3 layers, top, batting, backing.