REM Research Group

The REM (Renewable Energy Mechanisms) Research Group focuses on the design, analysis, modeling, manufacture, and testing of mechanical and electromechanical systems related to renewable energy generation.  We also tackle the physics based modeling and the mechanical design/analysis of systems subject to challenging manufacturing or operational requirements.


The most up to date list of publications for the group can be found at Google Scholar here


Examples of Previous Projects:

  • Magnetic Gears

Modular Magnetic Gear Concept

  • Magnetic Springs
  • Current Energy Convertors (CECs)
  • Wave Energy Converters (WECs)

SOFAR Bouy Dashboard Showing Wave Energy Resources for Jennette’s Pier, NC

  • Micro/Pico Hydropower Generation

Magnetic Transmission Reaction Turbine Bench Testing.

  • Small Scale Windy Energy

Appalachian State Universities Small Wind Test Site at Beech Mountain

  • Manufacturing and Engineering Support for a Solar Electric Vehicle

App State students visit to assist with manufacturing battery trays for ROSE.