ASU is racing again this summer

Glad to help out team Sunergy again this year with their roll cage testing.  You can track their progress in the Formula Sun Grand Prix as they look to qualify for the American Solar Challenge.


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End of the Spring Semester

The middle of May brought the end of the Spring 22 semester, and with it graduation.  Alex, Mallory, and Matt all graduated with their undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

The weekend before graduation, I was happy to be able to host several of the graduates and alums at the house for food and games.  Like most good gatherings, I was too busy to capture many pictures…but here is the aftermath of several high stakes rounds of Pairs and Skulls.

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Hank Wolfe named Park Scholar Finalist

Congratulations to Hank Wolfe (WaterBros Desal’s high school summer 2022 intern) for being named a finalist for a Park Scholarship at NC State.

Park Scholarships Names Class of 2026 Finalists

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EERE Offering Summer Internships in Robotics


UNC Charlotte Alum Casey Nichols (currently at NREL) is looking for summer interns to investigate automating the manufacture of wind turbine blades using robotics and computer vision.


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Alum Designs a “Poor Man’s Tesla: Lane Keep Assist”

After finishing his graduate studies in Applied Energy and Electromechanical Systems, David has kept himself busy with some new projects.


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Atlantic Marine Energy Center (AMEC) funded by the DoE

The UNC Coastal Studies Institute and University of New Hampshire are two of the key partners in AMEC.  We’re looking forward to the opportunities that this will provide for marine energy research along the Atlantic coast.


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WaterBros advances to the final round of the Waves to Water competition

I’m a bit late in posting, as the WaterBros team got the great news in mid-September.  We are beyond excited about getting to continue in the competition and will be ready to deploy at Jennette’s Pier in early 2022.

Image Credit: Meredith Fish

Here is a great write up by the College of Engineering on our success moving to the DRINK stage.


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