Senior Design

I have enjoyed serving as the mentor for a number of Senior Design teams, and have been involved in several industry-sponsored Senior Design projects.  If your company or agency is interested in sponsoring a Senior Design project, please contact me at, or our visit our College of Engineering Senior Design Program’s website at  Below are the Senior Design teams/projects I’ve mentored.


Industry Sponsored Senior Design Projects

  • “Mass Concrete Thermal Analysis,” sponsored by Shaw Power Group.  Students:  Nhat Nguyen, Brian Ketner, David Pegram.  Fall 2010.  Awarded Third Place at Fall 2010 UNC Charlotte Senior Design Expo.

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  • “Reinforced Concrete Mock-Ups for Non-Destructive Evaluation Techniques in Concrete,” sponsored by Electric Power Research Insitute (EPRI).  Students:  Ben Marion, David Ratliff, Graham Guse.  Spring 2010.

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Other Senior Design Projects

  • “Green Roof Retrofit Design for EPIC Building.”  Students:  Charles Justin Carter, Yorke Sweat, James Teague.  Spring 2012.
  • “Determining the Service Level of Concrete Beams Repaired with FRP.”  Co-mentored with Dr. Thomas Nicholas.  Students:  Tyler Teer, Devin Secore, Daniel Gates.  Spring 2012.

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  • “Newton-Moore Correctional Facility.”  Students:  Mariano Cruz, Brian Rosenfeld, Jared Looney.  Spring 2011.
  • “Parking Deck at UNC Charlotte Campus.”  Students:  Darin Watson, Matthew Essman, Scott McCall.  Spring 2011.
  • “The Student Deck.”  Students:  Alex Papp, Chris Saunders, Nlandu Mabiki.  Fall 2009.