This page includes photos and information on all sorts of events and happenings.

The annual Construction Career Fair is a great place to seek employment (for students) and employees (for industry).  For more information, please see this link: or contact our department office.


Me and hoover dam concrete No, this is not a big cookie.  It is a slice of a concrete “test cylinder” from the Hoover Dam.  Note that some of the coarse aggregates are about as big as my head.  This piece of concrete sits in the lobby of the Portland Cement Association (PCA) in Skokie, IL.  I was there attending a PCA Seminar for Professors, which was a great experience.
[album id=16 template=extend] Dr. John Hildreth, Dr. Thomas Nicholas, Prof. Amy Kitts and I represented our department at the NCDOT Construction Career Days at the Cabarrus Arena.  Dr. Hildreth’s construction simulators were a hit with the high school students (and teachers) in attendance.  Those of us from UNC Charlotte got to enjoy “playing” on the real construction equipment.  I got to drive a paver (slowly), which is probably the heaviest, most dangerous piece of machinery I’ve ever been temporarily responsible for (see photo gallery).
In this photo, I’m standing inside a rotary kiln that reaches 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is one of the rotary kilns at Stalite in Gold Hill, NC, where slate is made into lightweight aggregate.  One of our department’s most famous alumnus, Mr. Jody Wall, PE, is Director of Research and Development at Stalite.  Also in this photo is Dr. Brett Tempest of UNC Charlotte.
  My daughter Avery and I climb on a big pile of aggregates left by mother nature at Hickory Run State Park in the Poconos in Pennsylvania.  This is the boulder field left by glacial activity during the ice ages.  The boulders are up to 15 feet deep in some locations.  One of the most amazing places I’ve been able to visit

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