Courses I teach are related to construction materials, quality, sustainability, and structures.  Below are brief descriptions of each course and some photos of fun, educational activities that supplement the lectures.


CMET 5160 Advanced Construction Materials (Advanced Concrete Materials)

This course covers materials utilized in concrete and concrete construction, concrete properties, and the variables that affect them.  Topics also include:  destructive and non-destructive testing of structural concrete, service life prediction models, and preventative measures, as well as recent advances in concrete materials, construction, and technology. 


CMET 6285 Quality Assurance in Construction

Quality management is critical in all aspects of design, construction, and operation of civil engineering systems.  In this course, students learn motivations for setting quality standards, components of a quality management program, a quality assurance plan, and a quality control program, and implementation of these quality programs and plans.  Emphasis is placed on understanding the role of quality management from the standpoint of owners, design professionals, contractors, materials suppliers, and testing agencies.    We take a lot of field trips in this course.  One of our field trips to a Balfour Beatty site was profiled here.


ETCE 1222 Construction Materials

This course is a study of the behavior and physical properties of basic construction materials.  Topics include:  mineral aggregates, portland cement concrete, masonry, wood, asphalt concrete, metals, plastics, and other materials.


CMET 4130 Infrastructure Systems

Design of processes for the construction of permanent works applied to airports, roadways, bridges, dams/levees, water/wastewater facilities, and energy infrastructure; and the design and construction associated with temporary structures.


CMET 6160 Research and Analytical Methods

The objective of this course is to develop an understanding of research and analytical methods applicable to the fields of construction management, facilities management, and other areas included in CMET MS programs (MS in Electromechanical Systems, and MS in Fire Protection).


ETCE 3163L Structures and Materials Laboratory

Laboratory designed to evaluate structural materials commonly encountered in the civil and construction environments. Basic beam, truss and frame experiments are conducted. Standard laboratory and field tests for typical materials such as block, brick, asphalt, concrete, steel and timber are performed.

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ETCE 1222L Construction Materials Laboratory

Laboratory to support study of the behavior and physical properties of basic construction materials. Topics include mineral aggregates, Portland cement concrete, masonry, wood, asphalt concrete, metals, plastics, and other materials.


CMET 2680 Professional Development II  Sustainable Engineering and Construction

Professional development seminar for freshman-level civil engineering technology and construction management majors.


ETCE 2410 Introduction to Environmental Engineering Technology

This course is designed to serve as an introduction to environmental engineering technology. The course provides an overview of the environmental field to include laws and regulations, water quality, hydraulic and hydrologic fundamentals, water and wastewater treatment, groundwater contamination, and solid waste management.

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