Me and SAMWelcome to my website!  I joined the Department of Engineering Technology and Construction Management at UNC Charlotte in August 2006.  I have a BS and MS in Civil Engineering from Penn State University, with a minor in Environmental Engineering.  My PhD is from UNC Charlotte, in Infrastructure and Environmental Systems.  Prior to joining UNC Charlotte, I worked as a civil engineer for two engineering consulting firms in Charlotte, NC for six years.  I am a registered professional engineer in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Research Areas:

  • Concrete and other cementitious materials

Durability and service life

Performance engineered concrete for concrete infrastructure

Optimizing materials and mixture design

Recycled and waste materials in concrete

  • Quality assurance/control for concrete construction
  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Bridge Management Systems
  • Pavement Management Systems
  • Masonry materials and systems
 Research Team Fall 2015 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Research Team Fall 2015 (L-R):  Tilak Bhonagiri, Kelsey Lane, Ed Blanchard, Stewart Crismore, Tara Cavalline, Abhishek Malode, Rohit Reddy Chimmula, Jacob Leach Dr. Cavalline and a large pile (854 tons) of single-source construction and demolition waste (C&D waste) that became recycled brick masonry aggregate in a concrete test pavement.

I am active in Transportation Research Board (TRB) activities, and currently serve as the Chair of the Transportation Infrastructure Group AK000 and an at-large member of the Concrete Materials Section (AKM00).  I was a member and former Chair of TRB Committee AKM60, Properties of Concrete and am currently a member of TRB Committee AKM70, Durability of Concrete and AKC30 Quality Management.  I am also member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI)  and advise the UNC Charlotte ACI student chapter.

 UNC charlotte DSC01755 20150412_125134
UNC Charlotte’s Winning 2015 ACI Concrete Construction Competition Team:  Tara Cavalline (mentor), Hunter Ballard, Carter Dold, Ashton Crabtree, Josh Beitz, and Mark Stevenson  UNC Charlotte’s ACI FRP Beam Team Spring 2015:  Stewart Crismore, Michael McLamb, Blake Biggers, Rachel Tucker

Recently, some of my research for NCDOT on the I-85 and I-485 concrete pavements made the news.  The video is below.