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Materials Science: New Materials for Additive Manufacturing

New additive manufacturing tools and materials are creating opportunities to develop innovative new products…


Chemical Engineering: Sustainable materials

Development of new biobased and biodegradable materials for more sustainable products and a better future for the planet…


Materials Science: Composite materials development

Creating new composite materials and using the latest design tools to get better products to market…


About Research Group

It is the goal of the Performance Materials Lab to be in a position to understand, facilitate, and be prepared to implement new materials science discoveries in additive, composite, and sustainable materials.  This requires our involvement in basic and applied materials science and engineering and a collaborative partnership between research and industry.  We approach discovery with an interdisciplinary team of material scientists, chemical and biomedical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and other related disciplines.

Dr. Roger Tipton

Roger Tipton, Ph.D. is a Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

After a successful 20 year career in industry from the shop floor to management to executive positions, Roger Tipton completed his PhD and started a career in research and developing the next generation of engineers and scientists.


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About Publications Group

Our group is working at the interface of materials science, electronics, and additive manufacturing with the goal of advancing understanding of sensors and communications devices.

  • We specialize in both computational and experimental studies.
  • We engage with government agencies and industrial partners to maximize the impact of our work  and maximize the benefits to society.

For more information on the research of our group please feel free to contact Roger Tipton.