The William States Lee College of Engineering

Materials Science: Composite materials development


Our primary focus lies in the comprehensive study and innovative development of composite materials. These materials, ingeniously engineered by combining two or more distinct materials, are at the forefront of a revolution across a multitude of industries. The unique properties of these composite materials, such as enhanced strength, light weight, and superior durability, make them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. From aerospace and automotive sectors to construction and sports equipment, the versatility of composite materials is transforming traditional manufacturing approaches. Our dedicated research efforts aim to further understand these materials and develop new composites with tailored properties to meet specific industry needs, thereby contributing to the advancement of technology and sustainability.

Research focus

Our research is centered around the design, synthesis, and characterization of composite materials. These materials, composed of two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties, exhibit characteristics different from their individual components.


    We are engaged in several projects aimed at exploring the potential of composite materials in various applications. Some of our key projects include:

    1. High-Performance Composites: Developing composites with enhanced mechanical properties for use in aerospace, marine, and automotive industries. Research consists of material development, synthesis of materials, product design, characterization, and manufacturing.
    2. Bio-Composites: Exploring the use of natural fibers in composites for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives.
    3. Nano-Composites: Investigating the impact of nanotechnology on the properties of composite materials

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