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Dr. Roger Tipton is a leading researcher in the field of composite and sustainable materials. Dr. Tipton’s work is dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of innovative materials for a sustainable and technologically advanced future.

Our research group focuses on development of new materials and applications to utilize these new materials in new products.  This requires our involvement in basic and applied materials science and engineering and a collaborative partnership between research and industry. We approach discovery with an interdisciplinary team of materials scientists, chemical and biomedical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and other related disciplines to drive a wholistic approach to new material development.

Research Interests

Composite Materials

Design, characterization, and optimization of composite materials. Research aims to unlock the full potential of composites for diverse applications.

Sustainable Materials

Exploring the development of sustainable alternatives to traditional materials. Research focuses on bio-based polymers, recycled composites, and natural fiber reinforcements.

Additive Manufacturing

Investigating the application of additive manufacturing techniques for fabrication of advanced materials. Research explores novel feedstocks, processing and characterization.

Research Projects Include:

  1. Composite inlet structures for lightweight aerospace applications
    • Collaborating with aerospace industry partners to optimize the material parameters to achieve enhanced mechanical properties for jet engine structures.
  2. Properties of biocomposites made from cellulosic fillers
    • Developing bio-based composite polymers to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel-derived materials.
  3. Additive manufacturing of high performance optical polymers
    • Exploring the use of hybrid additive and subtractive process to fabricate micron scale polymer optical devices.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Dr. Tipton actively collaborates with academic institutions, industry partners, and research organizations to foster innovation and knowledge exchange. His collaborations include joint research projects, technology transfer initiatives, and participation in interdisciplinary research consortia.

Contact Information

For inquiries, collaboration opportunities, or more information about Dr. Roger Tipton’s research, please feel free to reach out:

Dr. Roger Tipton

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
224, Duke Centennial Hall 9201 University City Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28223. US | (440) 463-5202