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Are you aware that 90% of all running injuries are not caused by running? They are caused by a biomechanical error between heel contact-shock absorption-adaptation-mid stance and propulsion. Runners know and understand how to run and how to train, but when they have to articulate the biomechanics of running movements, they become mental lightweights. Understanding one’s biomechanics during running is the key in determining a suitable exercise program to avoid injury and a rehabilitation program while regrouping from an injury.

We focus on helping you develop a sound running mechanics and identify the contributing factors for existing or future injury. We place numerous markers on key parts of the body and  track the motion through various stages of running. By running across the force plates, the computer records the forces and timings across your feet, giving additional information on your biomechanics. It also helps us judge how efficient your body and your running style is in absorbing the additional forces that running creates. Based on a detailed analysis, we suggest suitable exercise programs with focus on weak parts of the body.