Baseball Pitching

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Baseball pitchers, just like hitters, are open to many problems, injuries and criticism. Often advice will be given relating to one particular aspect of the motion. Most pitching problems are caused by poor mechanics and if the fundamental mechanics of the pitching motion are flawed, changing one aspect of the motion will not fix the problem. The mechanics of the baseball pitching motion can be difficult for a coach to dissect at full speed.

Our Baseball pitching analysis will come in handy here as we break down the pitching motion into six important phases. We analyze various parameters that describe stride, pelvis and trunk rotation, shoulder and arm twist, elbow extension, etc at each phase by placing sufficient markers at vulnerable parts of the subject’s body. We also compare the throwing mechanics with a normative range that has been developed from analyzing elite pitchers over a long period.

The analysis report is not only exhaustive and neatly laid but simple enough for anyone to comprehend. The Baseball pitching analysis at the BMAL will be an important ingredient in determining your progress in developing sound pitching mechanics.