Policies and Rates

Lab Policies

All users are required to be trained and evaluated by the SEM Lab scientist before they can get access to any SEM lab facilities.

To apply for training, new users must register their user accounts at Facility Online Manager (FOM) website and submit their applications through FOM. FOM is also used to reserve and log on/off to the instruments. For FOM instructions, please check FOM User Manual. (Please note: the FOM server currently can only be accessed from inside of UNC Charlotte)

All applicants must fill out the SEM Lab User Application Form with the signatures from the applicants and their advisers. The application form should be submitted to the SEM Lab scientist on the training day.

All applicants should print out the manuals and read them carefully before the training. On the training day, applicants should bring a copy of printed manuals for the training.

Manuals for SEM:     SEM Sample Preparation Instructions

JEOL JSM 6480 SEM Manual

Manual for EDS:        Oxford Instruments INCA EDS Manual

Manual for coating:  Denton Desk IV-TCS Sputter Coater Manual


Usage rate of SEM lab facilities and services: SEM Facility Rates