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A Meeting of Minds: Dr. Roger Tipton Visits Dr. Ravinder Dahiya at Northeastern University

In the world of engineering and innovation, collaborations often lead to groundbreaking advancements. Such was the case when Dr. Roger Tipton, a renowned figure in the field of mechanical engineering and engineering science from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte1, visited Dr. Ravinder Dahiya, a distinguished professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Northeastern University2.

Dr. Dahiya, who recently joined Northeastern University in January 2023, has been making waves with his research in flexible printed electronics, robotics, electronic skin, tactile sensing, and wearable systems. His work is not only at the forefront of technological innovation but also contributes significantly to sustainable development goals, as evidenced by his selection as a speaker for the AI for Good Global Summit held in Geneva, Switzerland3.

The visit by Dr. Tipton, known for his two decades of experience in new product development and innovative solutions to today’s challenges, marks a significant moment for both institutions. The collaboration between these two brilliant minds promises to foster new ideas and solutions that could shape the future of technology and engineering.

During his visit, Dr. Tipton toured the facilities at Northeastern University, engaging with students and faculty members. He also participated in a review of featured projects from the BEST Lab directed by Dr. Dahiya, showcasing the latest in bendable electronics and sustainable technologies.

As the engineering community watches with anticipation, we eagerly await the innovations that will emerge from Dr. Dahiya’s new research lab at Northeastern University.