The William States Lee College of Engineering

Dr. Roger Tipton to Teach Machine Design and Analysis Course in Fall 2023

Dr. Tipton will be teaching MEGR 3221 Machine Analysis and Design fall semester 2023. This is a fun course and I am excited to be teaching this course again! With over 25 years of industrial experience, we will focus on both academic knowledge and real world applications. By merging theoretical concepts with practical examples and case studies, we aim to cultivate a deep understanding of the complexities involved in creating efficient and reliable machines.

The class is designed to foster an intereactive and collaborative environment. Students will have the opportunity to engage in group discussions, hands-on projects, and problem-solving exercises. By working in teams, they will learn to navigate challenges collectively, enhancing their communication and teamwork skills, which are critical for success in the engineering industry.

Good luck to all the students and I hope everyone has a great semester!