Computational Hypersonics and Multimaterial Physics (CHAMP) Lab

Welcome to the Computational Hypersonics and Multimaterial Physics (CHAMP) Lab. We are interested in developing and applying numerical methods to better understand complex flow phenomena, as they occur in a multitude of engineering applications. At CHAMP, our research interests include modeling Multiphase flows, hypersonic flow phenomena (attitude control, surface phenomena associated with thermal protection systems including ablation), shocked response of complex materials including woven carbon composites, combustion and detonation of gas-phase and liquid-phase fuels, turbulent mixing in variable density flows, hydrodynamic instabilities, and rotating detonation engines (RDEs). Our approach is to develop numerical methods and simulation capabilities to address the above phenomena using a multi-scale strategy.

Mission: Our research mission is to advance the fundamental understanding of complex flow phenomena occurring at extreme conditions through the development of novel numerical methods, simulation techniques and reduced order models, in areas of relevance to US national security interests.