Experimental Mechanics and Nondestructive Evaluation

Course Description: This course presents a comprehensive overview of experimental techniques used to develop phenomenological understanding of solid mechanics as well as those routinely employed for nondestructive evaluation of in-service structures, structural components, and structural materials.  Experimental Mechanics topics include:

  • review of elementary plane elasticity
  • strain gage theory, application, and analysis techniques
  • photoelastic stress analysis, and
  • thermoelectric stress analysis. 

Nondestructive evaluation topics include:

  • surface hardness methods
  • penetration resistance methods
  • stress wave propagation techniques (ultrasonic pulse velocity, impact-echo, ultrasonic testing (UT), sonic pulse velocity)
  • vibration techniques (resonant frequency, impulse response, modal analysis)
  • corrosion evaluation of reinforcement
  • liquid penetrant testing (PT)
  • magnetic particle testing (MT)