SHM of Highway Bridges

Bridge Condition Monitoring and Assessment using Sensors in Low-Power RF Networks
Primary research effort is on the development and deployment of dense low-cost sensors interfaced with low-power RF communcations networking (wireless sensor networks) to obtain real-time vibration, strain, and temperature measurements from in-service highway bridges. From these case studies, condition assessment methodologies, in the form of structural identification, damage diagnostics routines, and experimental load ratings, are applied to derive information of value to bridge inspection and maintenance engineers.


Recent Funding:

National Science Foundation: “Enabling Sustainable Civil Infrastructure using Interactive Formal Analytics for Structural Health Diagnosis,” October 2013 – September 2015, PI: Ehab Al-Shaer


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New Wireless Sensor Network                                                Hybrid Composite Bridge (HCB) Beam


Prairie Du Chien Tied Arch Bridge                                          RT345 Full-Scale Progressive Damage Case Study*



CR55 Semi-Integral Abutment Bridge*                                  Nine Wells Rail Prestressed Concrete Bridge*



Route 56 Multi-Span Skew Bridge*                                            Wright Road Integral Abutment Bridge*


*From Graduate and Post-Doctoral Research at Clarkson University under Direction of Dr. Kerop Janoyan