File Submission

For a part or assembly to be considered for additive manufacture, the student must submit the file(s) in the correct format to WebHomework under the course “AdditiveManfuacture_####” Where #### is the four digit course number:

  • ENGR1202 : AdditiveManufacture_1202
  • MEGR2156 : AdditiveManufacture_2156
  • MEGR3156 : AdditiveManufacture_3156
  • MEGR3231/3232 : AdditiveManufacture_3231
  • MEGR3255/3256 : AdditiveManufacture_3256
  • MEGR3355/3356 : AdditiveManufacture_3356
  • Undergraduate Research – AdditiveManufacture_U01
  • Graduate Research – AdditiveManufacture_Grad

Each part must be submitted separatelyone STL per submission. In addition, each part file must be paired with the AM_Estimate spreadsheet request form:

  • choices for color and material
  • number requested
  • price quote obtained online
  • Add comments for specific details if necessary


Do not zip/combine/compress files these files – submit STL and the AM_Estimate spreadsheet separately into the same assignment on WebHomework.


Be sure the spreadsheet is submitted with the correct/corresponding part. Both will be renamed upon submission to track  production.


For more details, download: Additive Manufacture part submissions file