Research Interests

  • Solid State Transformers and Solid State Circuit Protection
  • DC Distribution, Microgrid, and Renewable Energy Integration
  • High-Performance Power Conversion
  • Wireless Power Transfer
  • Electrical Fault Detection


Current Research Projects

High-performance power conversion (high-efficiency, high-density, and high-reliability)

    • Reliability-oriented Model Predictive Control (MPC) for power electronics systems
    • Reliability assessment for utility PV inverter system
    • SiC and Si hybrid switch (HyS) based power converters

Enabling power electronic technologies for grid modernization

    • Power electronics assisted voltage regulator (PEVR) and solid-state transformer (SST)
    • Solid state circuit protection (SSCB)

Emerging energy transformation and electrical safety research

    • Intelligent wireless power transfer (IWPT) for rail application
    • Artificial intelligence based electrical arc fault protection (ArcNet).

Research Sponsors