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EE Design II – Spring 2011

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    EE Design II, ECGR3157, is a hands-on course intended to teach you how to design electronic systems. You will be introduced to many important, real-world concepts including

    • How to interface with common transducers
    • How to design frequency-selective circuits
    • How to design power-electronic circuits
    • How to layout a circuit
    • How to control many common actuators like DC and AC motors

    You will learn all of these in the context of fun and challenging problems, including

    • The design of power amplifiers for audio and RF circuits
    • The design of signal-processing circuits for a small stereo
    • The design of a simple speed-controller for a DC motor
    • The design of a microcontroller-based power-electronic AC motor drive
    • The design of interface and control circuitry for a real-world programmable logic controller.

    The staff and students of ECGR3157 thank the following sponsors for their generous support of the course:

    The Cambridge-MIT Institute
    The Grainger Foundation
    The Landsman Foundation
    Ford Motor Company
    Mr. Ron Koo

    The staff and students of ECGR3157 also thank Professor Steven B. Leeb of MIT for his gracious support.

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