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Electric Machinery – Fall 2008

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  • Problem Set #1 is due in Dr. Cox’s office by 5:00 PM Friday September 5th. 

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Electric machines are the workhorses of modern industry. They are found in a variety of different types and sizes – from small rotating machines that vibrate cell phones and pagers to turbine generators with ratings upwards of 1 GW. Fundamentally, all of these machines are based on the same important concept – using a magnetic field as the medium for transferring and converting energy.

This class will address two important concepts – analysis and control. Primarily, we will focus on the physics of the energy-conversion process in many different types of machines – brushed DC motors, permanent magnet motors, synchronous generators, induction machines, etc. In addition, we will discuss methods for speed and position control. We’ll make use of numerous examples, and we’ll construct some of the circuitry need to control DC and AC machines.

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