Undergraduate Students Advised

Undergraduate Senior Design Projects (Total 21 projects involving 77 students):

    (AY 2017-18) Lowes Lawnmower Blade Design
    (AY 2016-17) Husqvarna Blade Optimization
    (AY 2014-15) Aerodynamic Drag Reduction of a Chevy Silverado Dually Truck and Pace Trailer; HDPE Pressure Drop; Adaptive Nebulizer Technology and Optimal Release Identification; Doosan Two Phase Flow Visualization and Data Acquisition; Penske Technology Exhaust Gas Simulation System
    (AY 2013-14) Design Optimum Emergency Power Source using Existing Automobiles; 2014 FSAE Body Aerodynamics; Optimization of a Sprint Car Aerodynamics
    (AY 2012-13) CFD Modeling of 2012 Dallara Chassis; 2012 FSAE Body Team; 2013 FASE Body Team (2012-13); Simulation of Automobile Heat Exchangers in Sub-scale Models
    (AY 2011-12) Formula SAE Chassis Team; Dry Cask Storage of Spent Fuel
    (AY 2010-11) Formula SAE Cooling System Design; Formula SAE Chassis Body; Bio-Aerosol Test System for General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products; Analysis and Design of a Convection Oven in a Cooking Range for ITW
    (AY 2009-10) 1996 Nissan Maxima Aerodynamic Improvements

Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates Projects Supervised:

    Joseph T Read (2013), Wind Tunnel Improvement and Instrumentation
    John Hilliker (2012), Wind Tunnel Wall Boundary Effects on Yawed Stock Cars
    Scott DeVoto (2011) High Reynolds Number Flow Past Tandem Cylinder Configurations,
    Daniel Suhay (2010) 2012 Indy Concept Aero Study

Undergraduate Research Assistants:

    Michael Wagner (2020)
    Carrie Cohlmia (2018-2020)
    Charles Patrick Bounds (2018-2020)
    Gautam Kumar (2019)
    Alex Curley (2013-2016), Currently at Stewart-Hass Racing
    Aaron Rinehimer (2009-2011), Currently at Ford Motor Co
    Phillip Davies (2009-2011), Currently at UNC Charlotte

Exchange Student Supervision:

    Jason Sherring (Spring 2015) from Griffith University, Australia.