Dr. Mei Sun

Associate Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Energy Production and Infrastructure Center 3163

9201 University City Blvd | Charlotte, NC 28223

Phone: 704-687-1723 | Fax: 704-687-0957

  • Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2012
  • M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2008
  • B.E. Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2007

Current Postdoctoral researchers

Bingchuan Liu (2022-now)

Bingchuan Liu graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2015 with a PhD in Environmental Engineering.  Then, he worked as an associate professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China) from 2015 to 2022. He obtained a master’s degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) and a bachelor’s degree from Harbin Institute of Technology (China). He mainly works on analyzing the occurrence of PFAS in drinking water sources in North Carolina. He has a broad research interest in investigating the occurrence, fate, environmental impact, and removal of emerging contaminants in various environmental matrices. In his spare time, he enjoys things related to The Three Kingdoms. He also likes playing Hearthstone and reading suspense novels.

Current PhD Students


Current Master’s Students


Current Undergraduate Students

Manaiyah Raybon

Previous Group Members

Postdocs: Yuling Han (Guangdong University of Technology), Yen-Ling Liu (REGENESIS), JInchen Chen (Atlas Technical Consultants), Yingying You (Merck), Kotaiba Abugazleh (Washington State Department of Ecology)

PhD student: Vivek Pulikkal (CEC Inc.)

Master’s students: James Homiller (WK Dickson & Co.), Sadhana Vangapalli (Chesterfield County Utilities, VA), Thuy Le (Union County, NC), Kaitlynn Bryan-Scaggs (ONE Environmental Group), Samonty Das

Undergraduate students: Melissa Thai (City of Charlotte), Isabel Srivoraphan (Booth & Associates), Savannah Tilley (Kimley-Horn), Dave Tilley (BASF), Ziona Bates-Norris (University of Arkansas), Cristine Quach (LaBella Associates), Hunter Hale (CDG, Inc.),

Lab technician: Elizabeth Batianis (Duke Energy)

Visiting scholar: Qin Tian (National Research Center for Geoanalysis of China)

Group Photos

From left to right: James Homiller, Vivek Pulikkal, Sadhana Vangapalli, Mei Sun, Savannah Tilly, Thuy Le, Qin Tian (Fall 2018)

From left to right: Yen-Ling Liu, Yuling Han, Samonty Das, Vivek Pulikkal (Fall 2019)

From left to right: Bingchuan Liu, Yingying You, Mei Sun, Swagotom Sarkar, Kotaiba Abugazleh (Spring 2023)