Grad Student FAQ

I am no longer directly involved in the admissions process for our graduate program.  The following are my opinions, based on the review of hundreds of applications to the MS and PhD programs – they do not represent any official department policy.


Q:  What is the most common reason that otherwise-qualified students are denied admission to the graduate program?

A:  Plagiarism in the applicant’s Statement of Purpose.


In general, between one and two pages is more than enough room to explain why UNC Charlotte interests you, and what qualifications and skills you have that would make UNC Charlotte interested in you.


Q:  What do you look for in a graduate application?

A:  I looked for the following:

  1. Good Test Scores on the GREs
  2. Good grades at your previous institution
  3. Relevant industrial experience
  4. A brief, coherent Statement of Purpose
  5.  Recommendations from faculty who know you (if you are in industry, you could include a recommendation from your supervisor)

Q:   Where can i find more information?

A:    Follow this link to our departmental FAQ for graduate students