Undergraduate Courses

Dynamic Systems II 

Prerequisite(s): MEGR 2240MEGR 3121, and MATH 2171 with grades of C or above.

This course provides foundational knowledge and skills on Linear Ordinary Differential Equations, Laplace Transforms and System Transfer Functions, Inverse Laplace Transforms using Partial Fraction Expansions, First Order Response, Second-Order Response,  Modeling of Lumped Parameter Mechanical Systems,  Modeling of Electrical, Thermal and Fluid Systems (Mechatronics), Block Diagrams, and Frequency Response, Introduction to Vibrations.

MEGR 3122 Syllabus 


Graduate Courses

Introduction to Control Engineering

Prerequisite(s): MEGR 3122 with a grade of C or above

Modern Control Engineering. 

The Human-Machine Interaction and Control Lab