• Ph.D., Engineering Management, Old Dominion University
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University

Areas of Interest:

Sustainable development, value added decision analysis and science policy development using interdisciplinary approaches to problem-solving.

  • The nexus of water-energy-food-climate; sustainability; renewable energy systems
  • Managerial decision support, portfolio management and policy development in the water and energy sectors
  • Systems analysis
  • Global product innovation, development and marketing
  • Customer-oriented product development and strategic planning
  • Business forecasting, market analyses and feasibility studies, business case development
  • Non-profit management

Classes Taught:

  • EMGT 6910 – INES 8090 Technological Decision Making
  • EMGT 6930 – INES 8090 Capital Cost Estimating
  • EMGT 6142 – INES 8090 Quality and Manufacturing Management
  • EMGT 6904 – INES 8090 Product & Process Design
  • SEGR 2111 Introduction to Engineering Management
  • SEGR 2106 Engineering Economic Analysis
  • SEGR 3670 Total Quality Systems
  • Senior Design I and II

Selected Publications:   

  • A. Chacra, Y. Sireli, and U. Cali, “A Review of Worldwide Blockchain Technology Initiatives in the Energy Sector based on Go-to-Market Strategies,” International Journal of Energy Sector Management, in press.
  • I. Okioga, J. Wu, Y. Sireli, and H. Hendren, “Renewable energy policy formulation for electricity generation in the United States,” Energy Strategy Reviews, Vol. 22, November 2018, pp. 365-384. (Also featured on Energy Weekly News, “Energy; Data on Energy Detailed by Researchers at University of North Carolina (Renewable energy policy formulation for electricity generation in the United States),” 2/1/2019).
  • I. Okioga, Y. Sireli, and T. Storms, Energy Saving Goals and Target Setting for Combined Heat and Power Systems–A Study Based on Data Analysis of Wastewater Treatment Plants in the U.S.,” International Journal of Energy Science, 2014, 4(4), 132-140.
  • I. Okioga and Y. Sireli, “The Circular Economy of Wastewater: Supply Prioritization of Reclaimed Water for Power Plant Cooling,” Proc. of the ASEM Conference, 2016.
  • Y. Sireli, “A Preliminary Look at PPPs in the Nexus of Water-Energy,” proc. of the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, October 13-16, 2016, Seattle, WA.
  • Y. Sireli and E. Ozan, “Exploring the Possibility of Change in the US Utilities’ Market Orientation towards more Renewable Energy,” International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development, 2013, 12 (1), pp. 60-71.
  • C. Mengers and Y. Sireli, “Need for Change Towards Systems Thinking in the U.S. Nuclear Industry,” IEEE Systems Journal, June 2009, Vol.3(2), pp.239-253.
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  • P. Kauffmann, E. Ozan, and Y. Sireli, “Feasibility of TAMDAR: an Aircraft-based Weather Data Collection System,” Journal of Air Transport Management, 2004, Vol.10(3), pp.207-215.