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Statistical mechanical modeling of vibration-driven granular flow

Statistical mechanical modeling of vibration-driven grain piles reveals that these systems share most of the essential dynamical properties of conventional flowing liquids.  This project is developing experimental and theoretical tools for studying and modeling these systems.  Collaborators: Professors Peter Tkacik and Brid Mullany.


vibration overview1vibration flow2

Weathering and subcritical cracking of surface rock

Surface rock deteriorates under the combined action of solar heating, chemical and biological erosion,  and, e.g., freezing. This project combines theoretical modeling of near-surface, environmentally-driven, subcritical cracking of rock with a variety of field observations, including acoustic emission measurements from instrumented rocks, to expose the physical processes that cause weathering. Collaborator: Professor Missy Eppes.

Kirk Bryan Award, with Professor Missy Eppes (UNC Charlotte), Geological Society of America (2020). See below.

Overview: experiments and modeling (AGU-2016)


Research Overview – 2015 American Geophysical Union

Shock-boundary layer interactions within rocket nozzles

This project combines physical and analytical modeling and high-speed schlieren imaging to better understand  shock-boundary layer interactions in supersonic rocket nozzle flows.   Collaborators:  Professors Peter Tkacik and Karen Thorsett-Hill.

High speed color schlieren video of rocket nozzle blow down

Shock-train structure

Stochastic ascent dynamics of sounding rockets

Here, we’re developing high-level numerical, physical, and mathematical models which capture the effects of random nozzle side loads, random winds, random thrust variations, and deterministic aerodynamic loads on rocket ascent dynamics. Collaborators: Professor Peter Tkacik and Dr. Nilabh Srivastava.


Green’s function-stochastic process approaches for linear and nonlinear evolution problems

Useful connections between Green’s functions and stochastic processes are being developed and exploited.

Blast-structure interactions – ISERRT

ISERRT web site

In collaboration with Professor David Weggel (Civil Engineering, UNC Charlotte)

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Academic Awards

Kirk Bryan Award, with Professor Missy Eppes (UNC Charlotte), Geological Society of America (2020).

Oak Ridge Associated Universities Junior Faculty Enhancement Award (Engineering, 1995-96).

Research Initiation Grant, Engineering Foundation & American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1993-94).

Finalist, Melosh Medal Competition in Finite Element Analysis, Duke University (1993).

NASA Graduate Student Researcher Fellowship (NASA Ames Research Center, 1988-89).