Research Part 2

Course and Instruction Assessment

A Learning Center Approach for Instruction Assessment- FIPSE Grant, (DOE) $169, 575 (1999- 2003).


Basic and Applied Research

Improvement of Material Criteria for Highway Embankment Constructions; N.C. DOT, (2014-2016) $232,186 .

Guideline for Roadway Utility Excavation Practices in NC Regions; N.C. DOT, (2014-2016) $242646.

Indo-US Forensic Engineering Workshop – NSF Grant (2011-2012), $32,800.

Performance Improvement from Deep Layers of Subgrade Stabilization N.C.D.O.T. Grant (2008-2011), $268,705.

Alternatives to Lime and Cement Stabilization during Winter Season, N.C.D.O.T. Grant (2006-2009), $295,723.

Optimization of Municipal Landfill Mining, FCSHWA – Grant 1990-92, $223,464.

Unified, Comprehensive Testing of Flexible-Membrane Liner, FCSHWA Grant 1990-91, $16,814.

Effect of Adrnixtures in Soil Liners on Pollution Migration, FDER Grant (1989-90), $51,627.

Mechanism of Liquefaction and Response of Soils to Simulated Earthquake Loading, for National Science Foundation (1985-87) CEE-8414203, $135,837.

A Study on Flowable Fly Ash Backfill for Municipal Pipe Lines, for Duke Power Company & EPRI, 1987-88, $56,200.

Evaluating the Effects of Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites Upon Groundwater Aquifers, for North Carolina State Board of Science & Technology, Grant No. 82-3100, $8,200.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte – Major Grants: 1983-87, $28,316. (P.1.) University of North Carolina at Charlotte – Research Grants: 1982-88, $14,325.


Graduate Students Guided (2007) : 84

Publications : More than 90 – Includes Peer Reviewed Journal papers, Conference publications and presentations.