MEGR3161: Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering.

MEGR2144: Introduction to Solid Mechanics.

MEGR 3152: Mechanics and Materials Lab.



MEGR 7090/8090: Phase Transformations in Solids.

MEGR 7090/8090: Principle of Transmission Electron Microscopy (with Professor Terry Xu).



PhD Students Graduated with PhD Degree (including co-advising):

1. Zhigang Xu (2002, with NC A&T State University, now at NC A&T State University)

2. Brian E. Schuster (2007, with the Johns Hopkins University, now at US Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD)

3. Gang Li (2008, with UNC-Charlotte,  Now at Windsor University, Canada)

4. Yazhou Guo (2010, with Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China, now at Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, China).

5. Zhiliang Pan (2012, with UNC-Charlotte, now at UC-Irvine).

6. Jonathan Ligda (2013, with UNC-Charlotte, now at US Army Research Laboratory).

7. Weihua Yin (2013, with UNC-Charlotte, now at HMI, INC., California)

8. Ivan Romero Fonseca (2014, with UNC-Charlotte)

9. Yuanyuan Lu (2014, with UNC-Charlotte).


PhD Students with PhD Degree Pending (including co-advising):

1. Jianhua Shen (2014, with UNC-Charlotte, PhD thesis defended October 2014).

2. Jing Su (2015, with Northwestern Polytechnical University).

3. Nathan Behm (2015, with UNC-Charlotte).

4. Xiaoxue Chen (2017, with UNC-Charlotte).