Tao Hong, PhD

Assistant Professor | Systems Engineering & Engineering Management (SEEM)

Associate | Energy Production & Infrastructure Center (EPIC)

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Selected Publications

  • Jingrui Xie, Tao Hong and Joshua Stroud, “Long Term Retail Energy Forecasting with Consideration of Residential Customer Attrition”, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, in press, 2015
  • Tao Hong, Pu Wang and Laura White, “Weather Station Selection for Electric Load Forecasting”, International Journal of Forecasting, vol.31, no.2., pp 286-295, April – June, 2015
  • Tao Hong and Mohammad Shahidehpour, Load Forecasting Case Study, US Department of Energy, January, pp 1-171, 2015
  • Tao Hong, Pierre Pinson and Shu Fan, “Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2012”, International Journal of Forecasting, vol.30, no.2., pp 357-363, April – June, 2014.
  • Tao Hong and Pu Wang, “Fuzzy Interaction Regression for Short Term Load Forecasting”, Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making, vol.13, no.1, pp. 91-103, March, 2014
  • Tao Hong, “Energy Forecasting: Past, Present and Future”, Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting, issue 32, pp. 43-48, Winter 2014.
  • Tao Hong, Jason Wilson and Jingrui Xie, “Long Term Probabilistic Load Forecasting and Normalization with Hourly Information”, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, vol.5, no.1, pp.456-462, January, 2014.