The following summarizes some of my main research areas over the years:


1. Supply Chain Management

    • Reverse Bullwhip Effect in Pricing
    • Group Buying in Supply Chains
    • Characterization of Motor Vehicle Industry Supply Chain
    • Green Purchasing
    • Optimizing Natural Gas Supply Chains
    • Impact of RFID on Supply Chain Operations


2. Manufacturing Operations Management and Scheduling

      • Stabilizing Production Plans using Flexible Requirements Planning
      • Test Wafer Management in Semiconductor Manufacturing
      • Optimization of Broaching Process
      • Optimal Fuzzy Scheduling


3. Lean Six Sigma

            • Innovative Applications of Lean Six Sigma in Non-traditional Industries
            • Simulation Games for Lean Six Sigma Education
            • Case Studies of Lean Six Sigma Applications


4. Energy Systems Modeling 

                • Lean Energy Production in Oil and Gas Industry
                • Energy Efficient Building Design Optimization
                • Dynamic Programming for Water Reservoir Management


5. Engineering and Management Education

                          • Online Learning and Virtual Reality
                          • Effective Frameworks for Teaching Supply Chain Management
                        • Simulation Games for Lean Six Sigma Education


6. Fuzzy Logic

                              • Multi-Objective Fuzzy Regression
                              • Fuzzy Rule-Based Modeling


7. Environmental and Sustainable Systems Modeling 

                              • Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainable System Design
                              • Analyzing water resources alternatives and handling criteria by multicriterion decision techniques
                              • Dynamic Programming for Water Reservoir Management
                              • Optimization of Conceptual Rainfall-Runoff Models
                              • Fuzzy Rule-Based Precipitation Forecasting
                              • Spatial Interpolation of Climate Data Using Remotely Sensed Data