Brett Tempest


My research expertise is in waste-sourced construction materials, durability and performance of concrete materials, sustainability and engineering education.  Each of these areas is linked through its goal of providing greater resiliency in the design and provision of infrastructure systems locally and internationally.

Current Research Projects:

  • Beneficial Uses of High Carbon Fly Ashes in Portland Cement Concrete with Air Entrainment (Duke Energy)
  • Internal Curing of Concrete Using Lightweight Aggregate (NCDOT)
  • Determination of Bridge Deterioration Models and Bridge User Costs for NCDOTBridge Management System (NCDOT)
  • Improved Data for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design for ConcretePavements (NCDOT)
  • Integrated Networks for Social Sustainability: Concepts, Language, andAssessment (NSF)
  • Research Initiation Grant: Investigating the Role of Interaction, Attitudes andIntentions for Enrollment and Persistence in Engineering AmongUnderrepresented Minority Students (NSF)

Completed Research Projects

  • Quantifying Corrosive Potential of De-Icing and Anti-Icing Solutions to Steel andConcrete Bridge Components (NCDOT)
  • Performance of Concrete Cylinders Wrapped with DSM Dyneema PolyethyleneFiber Textile and Loaded in Compression (DSM Dyneema)
  • NCDOT Technical Assistance – Impact of Road Salts on Vehicular Corrosion(NCDOT)
  • Development of Building Materials from Wastewater Sludge Ash: AshCharacterization, Literature Review and Materials Demonstration (Water andSewer Authority of Cabarrus County)
  • Stabilize and Immobilize FGD Waste Water and ZLD Solids: Cost-EffectivenessIndicator Study (Southern Company)
  • Durability of Lightweight Concrete Bridge Decks – Field Study of Virginia DareBridge (NCDOT)
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation and Load Rating of Prestressed Double-Tee Joists at
  • The Harbor Baptist Church (Structural Innovations Engineering and Consulting)
  • Service Learning: A Bridge to Engineering for Underrepresented Minorities – An
  • Action Research Project (UNCC Internal)

University Projects

The Integrated Network for Social Sustainability

The Solar Decathlon

The Bridge to Engineering Project