Representative Publications (August 2012)

 Representative Journal Articles

Stochastic rocket dynamics, random nozzle side loads, and Schlieren imaging of high pressure nozzle flows

  1. Keanini, R. G. Srivastava, N., Tkacik, P. T., Weggel, D. and P. D.Knight (2011) “Stochastic rocket dynamics under random nozzle side loads: Ornstein-Uhlenbeck boundary layer separation and its coarse grained connection to side loading and rocket response,” Annalen der Physik, 523, pp. 459-487. Preprint at arxiv:1101.3789 pdf

  2. Srivastava, N., Tkacik, P. T. and Keanini, R. G. (2010) “Influence of nozzle random side loads on launch vehicle dynamics,” J. Appl Phys., 108, pp. 044911-044911-19. pdf

  3. Tkacik, P, Keanini, R. G., Srivistava, N. and Tkacik P. (2011) “Color Schlieren Imaging of High-Pressure Overexpanded Planar Nozzle Flow using a Simple, Low Cost Test Apparatus,” J. Visualization, 14, pp. 11-14. pdf

  4. Keanini, R. G. and Brown, A. (2007) “Scale Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Compressible Turbulent Boundary Layer Separation in Nozzles,” Euro. J. Mech. B – Fluids, 26, pp. 494-510.

Stochastic and Green’s function methods with applications to nonlinear flow and evolution problems

  1. Keanini, R. G. (2011) “Green’s function-stochastic methods framework for probing nonlinear problems: Burgers’ equation, nonlinear Shrodinger’s equation, and hydrodynamic organization of near-molecular-scale vorticity,” Annals Phys., 326, pp. 1002-1031. Preprint at arxiv:1007.2125,

  2. Keanini, R.G. (2007) “Random Walk Methods for Scalar Transport Problems Subject to Dirichlet, Neumann, and Mixed Boundary Conditions,” Proc. Royal Soc. A: Math., Phys., and Engrg., 453, pp. 435-460.

  3. Keanini, R. G. (2007) “Stochastic solution of nonlinear and nonhomogeneous evolution problems by a differential Kolmogorov equation,” arxiv:0708.3202v1; submitted j. publ.

Fluid mechanics – secondary streaming and particle agglomeration; waves on coating menisci; shear, buoyancy, and thermocapillary flow in thin fluid collars; plasma boundary layers

  1. Keanini, R. G. (2000) “Structure and Particle Transport in Second-Order Stokes Flow,” Phys Rev. E, 61, 6606-6620. pdf

  2. Keanini, R.G., Thompson, J., and Gona, K. (2007) “Linear and Nonlinear Waves on Fiber Coating Entrance Menisci,&quot Far East J. Appl. Math., 28, pp. 173-182. pdf

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    Phys. Rev. E, 52, 4572-4575. pdf

Metallurgical processes and physics; mercury release from dental amalgams

  1. Keanini, R.G., Watkins, G., Koike, M., and Okabe, T. (2007) “Theoretical study of alpha case formation during titanium casting,” Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 38, pp. 729-732.

  2. Keanini, R.G., Watanabe, K. and Okabe, T. (2005) “Theoretical Model of the Two-Chamber Pressure Casting Process,” Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 36, pp. 283-292.  pdf

  3. Okabe, T., Elvebak, B., Carrasco, L., Ferracane, J.L., Keanini, R.G. and Nakajima, H. (2003) “Mercury Release from Dental Amalgams into Continuously Replenished Liquids,” Dental Materials, 19, pp. 38-45.

  4. Keanini, R.G., Ferracane, J., and Okabe, T. (2001) “Theoretical Models of Mercury Dissolution
    from Dental Amalgams in Neutral and Acidic Flows,” Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 32B, 409-416. pdf

Precision engineering and experimental methods

  1. Lawton, K.M., Patterson, S. and Keanini, R.G. (2003) “Direct Contact Packed Bed Thermal Gradient Attenuators: Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Observations,” Rev. Scientific Instruments, 74, pp. 2886-2893. pdf

  2. Phan, S., Hocken, R.J., Smith,, S.T., and Keanini, R.G. (2002) “Simultaneous Measurement of Spatially Separated Forces Using a Dual-Cantilever Resonance-Based Touch Sensor,” Rev. Sci. Instrum., 73, pp. 318-322. pdf

  3. Lawton, K.M., Patterson, S., and Keanini, R.G. (2001) “Precision Temperature Control of High-Throughput
    Fluid Flows: Experimental and Theoretical Analysis,” J. of Heat Transfer, 123, pp. 796-802. pdf

  4. Keanini, R.G. and Allgood, C.A. (1996) “Measurement of Time Varying Surface Temperature Fields Using High Frame Rate Visible Imaging CCD Cameras,” Int. Comm. Heat and Mass Transfer, 23, 305-314. pdf

Bioengineering and biophysics – optimization of cryosurgery; fluid flow in bone; growth responses of large fungal plant cells

  1. Keanini, R.G., Roer, R.D. and Dillaman, R.M. (1995) “A Theoretical Model of Circulatory Interstitial Fluid Flow and Species Transport within Cortical Bone,” J. Biomechanics, 28, 901-914. pdf

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Inverse methods and application
to materials processing problems; materials processing

  1. Ling, X., Keanini, R.G. and Cherukuri, H.P. (2005) “A modified sequential function specification finite element-based method for parabolic inverse heat conduction problems,&quot Computational Mechanics, 36, pp. 117-128. pdf

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