Leachate Recirculation and Bioreactor Landfills (Co-Instructor with Dr. Dan Qian)

This short course includes instruction of:course1

  • Design various types of subsurface liquid injection and gas extraction systems;
  • Field instrumentation of bioreactor landfills to monitor physical and chemical parameters including pressures, temperatures, water contents, settlement, liquid mass balance, and state of degradation of the waste;
  • Calculate maximum leachate head in multilayer drainage media.
  • Translational failure analysis method and how that the properties of the waste and liner components and leachate level affect landfill stability; and
  • Use computer software for calculating the maximum leachate head in multilayer drainage media and conducting translational failure analysis.
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Design and Field-Scale Performance Monitoring of Water Balance or ET Covers


This short course includes introduction to the concept of water balance covers which are made of native soils and do not contain geomembrane. This course provides an overview of how soils store water and how the water can be removed by evaporation and transpiration (ET) if the cover is designed properly to ensure very little water percolates. This course also covers field-scale monitoring of water balance covers using lysimeters and moisture and water potential sensors. Finally, this course talked about the key limitations of these covers and their suscepitibility to develop cracks and preferential flow conduits.