Matthew A. Davies

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Science

University of North Carolina at  Charlotte, Charlotte NC

(704) 687-8326 (PH), (704) 687-3806 (FAX)




B.S., Mechanical Engineering (Valedictorian), Carnegie Mellon Univerity,1988.

Ph.D., Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell Univeristy,1993.



Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Science, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2002-present); Board of Directors American Society for Precision Engineering (2006-present); Board of Directors OrthoCarolina Research Institute (2007-present);  Associate Research Professor, Johns Hopkins University (2001-2002); Mechanical Engineer, NIST, (1994-2002); Lecturer, Cornell Univerity (1994); Graduate Research Assistant, Cornell Univeristy (1988-1993); Gerneral Electric Aircraft Engine Business Group, Lynn, MA, (1987-1988).


PUBLICATIONS (10 Selected)

Journal & Conference Publications (5 Closely Related)

  1. Paul J. Smilie, Brian S. Dutterer, Jennifer L. Lineberger, Matthew A. Davies, Thomas J. Suleski, “Freeform Micromachining of an Infrared Alvarez Lens”, Proceedings of the SPIE, Proc. SPIE 7927, 79270K (2011); doi:10.1117/12.876159,  2011.
  2. Michael L. Barkman, Brian S. Dutterer, Matthew A. Davies, Thomas J. Suleski, “Free-form machining for micro-imaging systems”, Proceedings of the SPIE, Photonics West 2008, p. 15, vol. 6883-15, 2008.
  3. Davies, M. A., Evans, C. J., Patterson, S., Vohra, R., and Bergner, B., “Application of Precision Diamond Machining to the Production of Micro-photonic Devices” Proc. of the SPIE, San Diego CA, August 2003.
  4. Davies, M.A., Ueda, T., M’Saoubi, Mullany, B., Cooke, A., “CIRP Keynote: On the measurement of temperature in material removal processes”, Annals of the CIRP, 57(2):581-604, 2008.
  5.  Yantek, D. S., Marsh, E. R. and Davies, M. A., “Simulation and measurement of chatter in diamond turning”, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 120(2):230-235, 1998.

Journal Publications (5 Other)

  1. Davies, M. A. and Burns, T. J., 2001, “Thermo-mechanical oscillations in material flow during high-speed machining”, Proceedings of the Royal Society, 359:821-846, 2001.
  2. Burns, T. J. and Davies, M. A., “A nonlinear dynamics model for chip segmentation in machining”, Phys Rev. Lett., 79(3): 447-450, 1997.
  3. Davies, M. A., Yoon, H., Schmitz, T. L., and Kennedy, M. D., “Calibrated thermal microscopy of the tool chip interface in machining, Machining Science and Technology, 7(2), 2003.
  4.  Davies, M. A., Cao, Q., Cooke, A. L., Ivester, R., “On the measurement and prediction of temperature fields in machining AISI 1045 steel”, Submitted to: Annals of the CIRP, 52(1):71, 2003.
  5.  Davies, M. A., Dutterer, B. and Pratt, J. R. and Burns, T. J., 2002, “Stability Prediction for Low Radial Immersion Milling”, J. Man. Science Eng., 124(2):217-225.



1.    Board of Directors, OrthoCarolina Research Institute, 2006-present.

2.    Co-Organizer, Workshop on Standards for Biomedical Devices and Materials, National Institute of Standards and Technology (2001)

3.    Member of the American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE) (1996-present); Member, Education Committee, ASPE (1998-present); Chair, Scholarship Committee, ASPE (1998-present), Board of Directors (2006-present)

4.    Fellow, International Congress of Production Engineering Research  (CIRP) (1999-present); Secretary of the STC-C, CIRP (2006-present)

5.    Member, SPIE (2003-present).


Smith, K. S., Davies, A. D., Moyer, P. J., Hocken, R., Schmitz, T. L., Evans, C. J., Burns, T. J., Pratt, J. R., Dutterer, B. S., Moon, F. C., Schaut, A. J., Bayly, P., Feeny, B., Balachandran, B., Shefelbine, W., Damazo, B., Harper, K., Kennedy, M., Ivester, R., Athavale, S., Furness, R., Theile, J., Halley, J., Snyder J., Marsh, E., Dawson P., Chou, Y. K., Helvey, A., Medicus, K. M., Bergner, B., Muntean, G., Mann, B., Teague, E. C., Polvani, R., Farahi, F., Patterson, S., Davies, A., Fiddy, M., Peindl, R.,  Murrey, D., Darden, B., Laxer, E.,  Gaston, G., Arrazola, P-J., Zgorniak, P.,  Mayheh, M., T. Suleski, M’Saoubi, R., Ueda, T., P. J. Arrazola.


Thesis Advisor: F. C. Moon


Students: Halley, J., Larsen, E. R., Cao, Q., Cooke, A. L., Vohra, R., Starnes, W. C., Carter M. T., Larsen, S. P., Larsen, E. R., Nuttall, M., Ransom, K. L., Barkman, M., Brodziak, J., Souza, J., Habet, N., Kabengela, P., C. Bryant, I. Arriola, A. Georgi, J. Spain-Lineberger.  J. Owen.   



Nominated for Bank of America Teaching Award, 2010; Bonnie E. Cone Early Career Professorship for Teaching, College of Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award (2005); Fellow and Secretary STC-C CIRP (2007-present), John T. Parsons Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer (2000); Department of Commerce Bronze Medal (1997); Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Fellow (1988-1993); Valedictorian, Carnegie Mellon University (1988); Andrew Carnegie Society Scholar (1987).