Dr. Matt Davies earned a Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University(1993) and then joined the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory at NIST.   He then came to the Universityof North Carolinaat Charlotte, Center for Precision Metrology, in the spring of 2002. Dr. Davies’ research focuses on the study of applied engineering system and the development of practical applied metrology systems based on the research.  In particular, his work at NIST work was applied to the stability of high speed machining processes and on the study of the complex plastic flows of material that occur in the vicinity of the tool in machining processes.  He has continued this research at Charlottewhere his group has developed a high-bandwidth thermal imaging system capable of the highest resolution thermal images of chip flow in machining yet obtained.  After coming to Charlotte, Dr. Davies became interested in the manufacture of micro- and infrared optics and is the manager of the Precision Manufacturing Recharge and the Precision Optical Fabrication Research Group.  This group uses a Moore Nanotechnology 350 Five Axis Freeform Generator and a Precitech two-axis lathe as workhorse equipment to study milling and turning of advanced optical materials and complex optical forms.   Dr. Davies has received numerous honors and awards, has more than 50 technical publications, three patents.   He is a Fellow of the International Academy for Production Engineering Research (http://www.cirp.net/.)  He was also awarded the Bonnie E. Cone Early Career Professorship in Teaching in 2007 and was nominated for the Bank of America Teaching Award in 2010.