University Committee Service

  •   Faculty Assembly Delegate (2009-2011): Served as 1 of 3 UNC Charlotte delegates to the Faculty Assembly of the University of North Carolina.

  •   Faculty Advisory Summer Sessions Committee (2009-2011): This committee makes recommendations to the administration on summer session policies.

  •   Graduate Faculty Representative (2005-Present): Serve as a member of doctoral advisory committees created outside of my department (upon request from the Graduate School). This position was also created to protect student rights and uphold University standards and policies.

  •   Faculty Policy and Standards Committee (Alternate) (2012-2014): This committee makes recommendations on all proposals concerning admissions, academic standing, degree requirements, grading systems, honors programs, and other matters pertaining to academic policy and standards.

  •   Faculty Committee on General Education (Alternate) (2009-2011): This committee reviews the general education program to ensure it meets the goals of UNC Charlotte education.

  •   Undergraduate Course and Curriculum Committee (Alternate) (2008-2010): This committee makes recommendations on curriculum and course proposals forwarded from the academic units.

  •   General Education Core Curriculum Committee (University of Arkansas, 2004-2005)