College and Departmental Committee Service

  •   CEE FE Exam Committee (2008-Present): As a founding member of this committee, we provide the ammunition without our department to help our students become better prepared for the National Fundamental of Engineering (FE) Exam.

  •   CEE Undergraduate Academic Appeals Committee (2012-Present): This committee reviews academic appeals submitted by the students.

  •   CEE Computing Committee (2010-Present): This committee provides guidance to the faculty on the computing needs of the department.

  •   CEE Focus Area Improvement Team (FAIT) Committee- Geotech Group (2005-Present): This committee reviews the evaluations of the undergraduate geotechnical courses to determine potential areas of improvement.

  •   CEE Faculty Workload Committee (2007-2010): This committee reviews/updates the workload policy for the CEE Department.

  •   COE Civil Engineering Representative on the Faculty Council (Alternate) (2012): The Faculty Council conducts affairs on behalf of the faculty.

  •   COE Review Committee for the College Graduate Teaching Award (Spring 2010)

  •   CEE Search Committee for the Geotechnical Position (Spring 2010)

  •   CEE Search Committee for Department Lecturers (Spring 2007)