The Fire Safety Science and Engineering Laboratory

The Fire Safety Science and Engineering Laboratory at UNC Charlotte is located at the Charlotte Police and Fire Training Academy. The lab hosts a cone calorimeter and an intermediate scale calorimeter (ICAL) for measuring reaction-to-fire properties of materials at different scales. The lab has an intermediate-scale furnace for structural fire testing, and a smoke chamber and an FTIR gas analyzer for smoke analysis and toxicity studies, a full-scale calorimeter, and a LIFT apparatus for fire spread studies. In addition, the lab stations an environmental chamber (with temperature and humidity controls) and a temperature chamber for conditioning specimens. Addtionally, the lab has the capability of conducting large-scale  outdoor structure fire experiments.


On Campus Small Scale Laboratory

Plan review is in progress for the construction of a small scale fire lab on campus.  The new lab will be located on the third floor of the Smith Building. More information will be posted soon about the new lab.