Research Team

Current Research Teams

Dr. Glenda Mayo

  • Robert Gooljar.  Freight Planning Tool for Ferry Division. (GIS Analysis for NCDOT)

  • George Poulos.  Facility Condition Assessments and Building Reset
  • Jesse Mallard.  Visual Owner’s Data (3D scanning and Insta360 documentation)

Past Student Researchers


  • Ahbay Yerekar (2016 Project): Reverse Approach to the Owner’s Data Needs.
  • Kapupara (2017 Project): Forensic benefits of point cloud data.

  • Pauline Karanja (2017 Thesis):  Best practices for asset condition assessments of facilities.  Pauline explored the existing state and federal reporting mandates and a possible standardization of condition assessment reporting.  Pauline’s research was accepted as an APPA’s Center for Facilities Research project.

  • Daxil Raja (2018 Thesis): Framework for Determining the Remaining Useful Life of the NCFS Ferry Vessels. NCDOT grant with the NC Ferry Service (NCFS) to conduct condition assessments for inclusion into the RUL Framework.
  • Balagee Subramanian (2019 Thesis).  RUL for the NC Ferry Service.
  • Tyler Morgan (2019 Thesis): Manpower Efficiency of the Manns Harbor Shipyard utilizing Data Envelopment Analysis.

L to R:  Daxil Raja, Marshall Coleman with the NC Ferry Division, and Tyler Morgan.


  • Josh Parker (2016 Project):  3D Scanning for Reconstruction.