Dr. Elliott’s research team seeks to better understand the thermodynamics of biological systems to enable the development of new materials and processes that can advance human health and welfare in a way that is sustainable on a social, financial, and environmental level. Dr. Elliott’s team has recently made advances in the development of biocompatible ionic liquids for pharmaceutical applications.  Her lab has also made considerable advances in the field of dry preservation of biologics. The studies undertaken in the BioStability lab are inter-disciplinary in nature. Through collaborations with other UNCC faculty, students from chemistry, biology, physics & optical science, and nanotechnology are actively engaged in Dr. Elliott’s research program. Dr. Elliott’s work involves a number of collaborations with international scientists and researchers from the Species Survival group at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Dr. Elliott serves on the editorial board of the journals Biopreservation and Biobanking and Cryobiology.


Dr. Elliott’s efforts in biopreservation brought recent attention to UNC Charlotte: