ETGR 1100L: Engineering Technology Computer Applications Laboratory
Introduces the use of computer applications required for engineering technologists. Topics include: using the computer to solve technical problems, an introduction to engineering computer applications, the use of standard office software, and the use of scientific calculators.
Spr 2020
ETME 1111: CAD Modeling 1
Introduces the concepts of technical drawing and its relationship to the mechanical design process using a feature-based parametric modeler such as SolidWorks. Topics include: sketching, orthographic projections, pictorial views, dimensioning techniques, and introduction to Computer-Aided Design (CAD).
Sum 2020
ETME 3143: Thermodynamics
Fundamentals of thermodynamics including work and heat; classical approach to first and second laws of thermodynamics; ideal gas, entropy, reversibility, irreversibility, and study of various processes and cycles.
Spr 2020
ETME 4244: Applied Heat Transfer
Basic principles of heat transfer. Theory and applications of conduction, free and forced convection and radiation heat transfer. Heat exchangers and heat transfer measurement.
Fall 2020
ETME 4244L: Thermal Fluids Laboratory
Laboratory experiments related to the areas of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. Three hours of laboratory each week.
Spr 2020
ENER 4140 / CMET 5140: Energy Management
Study of the understanding and implementation of energy management techniques. Emphasis is on energy efficiency applications in homes, businesses, large buildings and industry. Topics include: energy auditing, energy management, energy cost analysis, energy & electric rate structures, lighting, HVAC systems, motors & drivers, boilers and steam systems, cogeneration, commercial and industrial applications and alternative energy sources.
Spr 2021