Welcome to Multiscale Material Modeling Lab

At Multiscale Material Modeling Lab, we use large scale computer modeling to understand the relation between the microstructure of materials and their mechanical properties.  The computational tools employed in our group include (ex
tended) finite element method, molecular dynamics and first principle methods. We also develop novel multiscale methods which link atomistic and continuum scales and allow consideration of microscopic processes that dictate macroscale properties. Using multiscale methods we specially focus on discovering the mechanism of damage initiation and propagation in materials, aiming at predicting and eventually preventing failure of materials.

Research Focuses

  • Developing physics based models for materials behavior
  • Multiscale Modeling of Material Failure and Damage
  • Developing parallel computing codes for large scale computer modeling


A word cloud of some of our recent publications

Molecular dynamics simulation of the fracture of two-dimensional materials

The impact of grain boundary structure on the mechanical properties of two-dimensional materials

Finite element modeling of penetration resistance of polyurea coated steel